Accessibility of Facilities

UC Santa Cruz

Accessibility of Facilities

As a public institution, UCSC is required to make each of its programs, functions, and activities (when viewed in their entirety) accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. This means that while every classroom on campus does not have to be physically accessible, every class or program needs to be made accessible when a request for such access is made. In those cases where this is not possible, then the room itself must be made accessible.

If, in your travels on campus, you find you are unable to get into a building, or have great difficulty doing so, please contact Susan Willats (ADA Facilities Access Coordinator) and let her know. She can be reached at 459-3759 or you can send her e-mail at

If you rely on elevators, and would like to know more about elevator hours of operation, check out the Elevator Users' Survival Guide. If an elevator isn't working, contact the Work Order Desk at x9-4444 to report it.

The Wheelchair User's Survival Guide was created by student Hannah Gray in 2005. While some of the maps are a bit outdated, there's still a lot of good information about getting to various classrooms on campus.

If a work area is not accessible to an employee with a disability, appropriate modifications should be made. Contact Kelly Roberts, Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator at x9-4602 for a workstation evaluation (or you can send her e-mail at If the path of travel from the nearest transit stop or accessible parking space to the workstation is a problem, contact Susan Willats (x9-3759 or

Further information about accessing facilities: