Disability-Related Complaint/Grievance Procedures

UC Santa Cruz

Disability-Related Complaint/Grievance Procedures


UC policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. Staff, faculty, students, and community members who believe they have been denied access or discriminated against due to their disability are encouraged to bring their concerns to the attention of the appropriate party who will make every attempt to address the issues raised and/or will refer the matter for investigation per campus policies and procedures.


  • Students should refer to the Student Grievance Policy, or contact the Director of Student Judicial Affairs (459-4447, or sja@ucsc.edu) to file a grievance.
  • Academic, staff, and student employees (and applicants for employment at UCSC ) should refer to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion's page on complaint investigation/problem resolution. Staff employees may also file disability-related grievances with Labor Relations (459-2017). Academic employees may also file disability-related grievances with the Academic Personnel Office (459-5032, or sfellows@ucsc.edu).
  • Community members should contact the campus ADA Compliance Officer (459-4380).
  • Facility concerns can also be directed to the ADA Facilities Access Coordinator at 459-3759.

Please note: Using campus complaint procedures does not preclude the right to file a complaint with the appropriate state or federal agency, or to take legal action.


Information related to discrimination consultations and complaints is shared only on a business need-to-know basis. Confidentiality is maintained whenever possible with regard to consultations and complaints. However, complete confidentiality is not possible in cases where illegality or gross malfeasance are alleged.


Retaliation against persons who file complaints of discrimination, participate in an investigation of such a complaint, or oppose unlawful employment practices is prohibited by federal and state law and university policy. Anyone who believes she or he has been retaliated against is encouraged to report the retaliatory actions to the Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office (459-3676, cbene@ucsc.edu) or to other campus officials.