Access to Campus Facilities

UCSC is required to make its facilities accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. While some older buildings may be exempt from this requirement by law, every reasonable attempt must be made upon request to provide access or a reasonable alternative so that persons with disabilities may fully participate in our programs and activities.

If, in your travels on campus, you find you are unable to get into a building, or have great difficulty doing so, please contact Susan Willats, ADA Facilities Access Coordinator (831/459-3759 or

The Wheelchair User's Survival Guide was created by student Hannah Gray in 2005. While some of the maps are a bit outdated, and newer buidings aren't included, there's still a lot of good information about getting to various classrooms on campus.

If a work area is not accessible to employees with disabilities, appropriate accommodations should be made. For assistance, contact the Disability Management Coordinator (831/459-4602 or If the path of travel from the nearest transit stop or accessible parking space to the work location is a problem, contact Susan Willats (831/459-3759 or