Accessing University Programs

UCSC is strongly committed to making all of its programs and services accessible to students, staff and academic employees, and members of the public who are eligible to participate. This includes but is not limited to: educational activities, public entertainment events, lectures, colloquia, meetings, conferences, social events, informational gatherings and activities, food service, and lodging.

If you are sponsoring an activity that is open to the public (such as a lecture series, a performance, or a social event), you are responsible for providing reasonable accommodations to participants with disabilities, including members of the public not affiliated with the University. All events open to the public must be held in accessible locations. Publicity for events should include information regarding how to request disability-related accommodations, such as sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or enlarged-print materials. 

If you have a disability and wish to participate in an activity or event sponsored by the University, you may a request reasonable accommodation by contacting the sponsor. We suggest that you give the sponsoring unit or organization as much notice as possible.