Disability Compliance Officer and Coordinators

The people listed below are available to provide you with information about disability accommodations and access at the university. The ADA Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring that the university has appropriate procedures in place for receiving disability-related complaints and grievances and conducting investigations. When appropriate, the ADA Compliance Officer may make recommendations for resolution of disputes and is responsible for ensuring that UC Santa Cruz complies with disability-related UC policies and with state and federal disability laws.

ADA Compliance Officer

Ashish Sahni

Associate Chancellor

Phone: 831-459-4380

E-Mail: ashish@ucsc.edu

ADA Program Access Coordinator (student accommodations related to education access)

Richard Gubash
Disability Resource Center

Phone: 831-459-2089, 831-459-4806 (TDD)

E-Mail: rgubash@ucsc.edu

IT Accessibility Coordinator

Jim Phillips

Director, Learning Technologies

Phone: 831-459-2410

E-Mail: phillips@ucsc.edu

Disability Management Coordinator (for accommodations related to employment)

Kelly Roberts

Phone: 831-459-4602

E-Mail: roberts@ucsc.edu

 ADA Facilities Access Coordinator

 Felix Ang
Director of Architectural Services
Phone:  831-459-3850
E-mail:  felix@ucsc.edu

To discuss a concern or file a complaint regarding employment-related disability discrimination, or failure to provide reasonable accommodation:

Ciel Benedetto

Assistant Director for Equal Employment Opportunity

Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Phone: 831-459-3676

E-Mail: cbene@ucsc.edu

To file a student grievance related to disability discrimination or accommodation:

Conduct and Community Standards
Phone: 831-459-1738

E-mail: conduct@ucsc.edu

Last updated:  September 14, 2017