Making Your Event Accessible

UCSC Requirements and Best Practices

  • Publicity for all events should indicate willingness to accommodate persons with disabilities, and identify an appropriate  contact person and notification timelines. The following wording may be used as a template:
If you have disability-related needs, please contact [person] at [phone number and email address] as soon as possible. (You may also include a specific date by which such requests must be made.)
  • Publicity should discourage attendees from using scented products. The following statement has been used successfully:
So that everyone may enjoy this event, please refrain from wearing scented products.
  • When possible, make a good faith effort to provide a location which has good ventilation, and has not been recently painted or carpeted.
  • Publicity and visual information (e.g. programs, slides, videos, handouts) should be provided in alternative formats (e.g., electronically, large print, etc.) upon request. If you are showing a film or video that is not available with captions, be prepared to provide a sign language interpreter or real-time captioner upon request.
  • If the event is held outside of normal business hours, and an elevator will be used by people with mobility impairments to get to the event site, make sure the elevator will be turned on. Contact Custodial Services (831/459-4737).
  • Assistive listening devices should be available for use by persons with hearing impairments. UCSC's Learning Technologies has portable assistive listening device systems available for on-campus use. Contact them for more information (831/459-2117).
  • Upon request, arrangements should be made for sign language interpreter(s) or a real-time captioner. Contact information for interpreters and captioners is available through the Disability Resource Center (831/459-2089).