Staff Employees

Staff as employees

If you have a disability or become disabled, you have the right to a reasonable accommodation needed to do your job. If you need accommodation, contact your supervisor or the Disability Management Coordinator (831/459-4602). 

Staff as employers

If you hire student or staff employees, you should make sure that your hiring process does not disadvantage applicants with disabilities. When you supervise employees with disabilities, you are responsible for ensuring appropriate accommodations are provided when requested. For example, you may need to arrange for a sign language interpreter for a deaf applicant, or slightly modify the way a job is done for a person with a learning disability. For guidance on accommodating employees contact the Disability Management Coordinator (831/459-4602). For guidance on accommodating applicants contact Talent Acquisition (831/459-2009).

Staff as providers of programs and services to students

If your duties include services to students, you must provide reasonable accommodations to students who request disability accommodations. For example, a student with a vision impairment or learning disability may need enlarged print; a student with a hearing impairment may need to have all video presentations captioned. For more information, contact the Disability Resource Center (831/459-2089).

Staff as coordinators of events and programs

If you are coordinating an activity open to the public (such as a lecture series, performance, or social event), you are responsible for providing reasonable accommodation to participants with disabilities, including members of the public. All events open to the public must be held in accessible locations. Publicity for events must include notice about how to request disability-related accommodations. Such accommodations might include a sign language interpreter, assistive listening devices, or enlarged-print materials. 

Staff and web access

If you maintain a web page, please follow good coding practices, which include making web content accessible. Advice and information is available on ITS' Accessible Technology page.